Friday, March 31

Nama - Mia Kyriakh

Ela re my friends!

Sun came into our little town, to bring us some life. I feel better and stronger, wishing the same 2 u. Its 08:58, sittin in an office, drinkin coffee and listenin to Notis IV folder, so naturally, you (pl) came into my mind. Still think that was THE period our lives, still feel so goooood about it.
Now, Nick is 10km and Mali 1000km away and we have to type this shit in a window, to be in contact. Hate this shit. "Thats the way the cookee crambles", Mali would say. Anyway guys, just to say i miss u, when i make a million i'm taking u on a tour de globe, with your wives and dogs and cats. Ante, taleme!