Tuesday, September 16


Well, the full moon was on the day that I left, so... no party for me :(

Coming back from Thessaloniki, my boat docked in Iraklion on Sunday at 2315h, which meant that I couldn't catch a bus to Rethymnon and then Plakias. Not that it made much difference, 'cause I was flat broke - not a cent on me. So, what could I do but hike to the highway (took me about 45 minutes) and hitch a ride. At midnight. Alone. In my army trousers. What was I thinking? Who's going to stop for a guy like that?
Anyway, optimistic as I am, I waited and sure enough a guy pulled over in a pick-up truck, and dropped me off about 40Km further down the road, since he was turning off the highway. Well, my mood got a bit better, and I thought "Hey, this could work..." So I sat by the road for a couple of hours, watching the cars whiz by me...
There was apparently an accident some 10Km back from where I was, because I saw a police cruiser flashing the blue lights followed by an ambulance, and some time later a fire truck, and finally a tow truck... "Too bad" I thought, but at least I can hope that the cops will give me a lift, reasoning that they will not be afraid to pick up a stranded hitchiker in the middle of the night. Guess what. I was wrong and bored, so I got up and started walking. After about 25 minutes, slap bang in the middle of nowhere, a taxi driver stopped and gave me a ride to Rethymnon. HappyHappyJoyJoy!!! I'm almost home...
Off the highway, on to the smaller road, around 0400h, I started walking to keep the cold and boredom away, and tried to hitch a ride with the few vehicles that passed by... Tough luck, I ended up walking for 15Km before a guy stopped and went out of his way to drop me off in Plakias (Thank you!)... By that time it was 0645 - mere 7 hours for a 120Km trip... My ankle was hurting, my muscles sore, but I got into the shop (good thing I had the keys), took a bike and rode it to Selia, and hugged the bed.............

Tuesday, September 9


Last day before I leave for Thessaloniki to take an exam, but I'll be back in Plakias and the Youth Hostel crew... Before that, we will have another full moon party tonight... pics to follow :)