Friday, April 20


Ok, picture this: last Tuesday (some 10 days ago) I had left my bike at the customs office to be inspected and whatnot... The guy had told me it will be ready next week. I decided not to bug them on Monday, and come Tuesday I was on the phone.
They told me that it would probably be ready tomorrow or the day after. Oh well, I got sorta used to waiting by then, so I didn't get too upset... Some 45 minutes later, the fella calls me back to say that I can pick my bike up tomorrow at 11 o'clock, or, if I could make it, that day (Tuesday) by 1530hrs. Needless to say, I made it by said time. Payed all the dues and then some, went on to my mate's to do the registration and associated paperwork, and by 1930hrs that day, I was on the road, license plates and all.

All that evening I was... euphoric, for the lack of a better word. Words really can't describe what combination of feelings came over me. Sort of like a child that got that long anticipated toy.

All that happiness aside, now I'm in the process of sorting the bike out, looking for what needs to be done and planning the expenses associated with it.

Oh, almost forgot... John, if you're reading this, Aussie Mark said hi....

Thursday, April 5

Bike woes

This just in...
Yesterday I looked into the option of transporting my new bike from Slovenia to Serbia by train, after talking to my bro for the gazzilionth time... All nice and everything, until a few minutes ago, when we spoke on the phone and told me that the Slovene railway wouldn't be able to ship the bike for another 7 days. Shitshitshit. So, he's going to take a van and haul the bike on Saturday. Then, I have to deal with the customs bureaucracy here. Another week, at least. Shitfuckdamn.

Yesterday was also the first time in the past month that my ass was on a bike. Carlos took me to the train station to check out the procedure on this side of the border... (all for naught, apart from the aforementioned butt on bike thing...).