Thursday, April 5

Bike woes

This just in...
Yesterday I looked into the option of transporting my new bike from Slovenia to Serbia by train, after talking to my bro for the gazzilionth time... All nice and everything, until a few minutes ago, when we spoke on the phone and told me that the Slovene railway wouldn't be able to ship the bike for another 7 days. Shitshitshit. So, he's going to take a van and haul the bike on Saturday. Then, I have to deal with the customs bureaucracy here. Another week, at least. Shitfuckdamn.

Yesterday was also the first time in the past month that my ass was on a bike. Carlos took me to the train station to check out the procedure on this side of the border... (all for naught, apart from the aforementioned butt on bike thing...).