Friday, March 31

Nama - Mia Kyriakh

Ela re my friends!

Sun came into our little town, to bring us some life. I feel better and stronger, wishing the same 2 u. Its 08:58, sittin in an office, drinkin coffee and listenin to Notis IV folder, so naturally, you (pl) came into my mind. Still think that was THE period our lives, still feel so goooood about it.
Now, Nick is 10km and Mali 1000km away and we have to type this shit in a window, to be in contact. Hate this shit. "Thats the way the cookee crambles", Mali would say. Anyway guys, just to say i miss u, when i make a million i'm taking u on a tour de globe, with your wives and dogs and cats. Ante, taleme!

Tuesday, March 21


OK now, these days the temperature has climbed to teens, and the ladies have already started dressing like it's in the 30's... That's generally allright, but when you see a girl, that is just plain or average while in winter clothes with a not-so-attractive face, showing lots of skin, you end up confused...

Mali, what's your take on this, you are the expert on feeling confused?

Thursday, March 16


Just changed a setting, now all posts are visible, not just the last 7.

Capital punishment

Gotta share this... Blogger had some problems, and this is one of the notification messages from their support:
Some users are currently getting “403 Forbidden” errors when viewing their blogs, and “Permission Denied” errors (or variations thereof) when publishing. You may recognize this problem from Monday.

The offending server is being replaced and then shot. We’ll let you know when things are back up. Shouldn’t be too long.

Until then, affected blogs will be unavailable and unpublishtoable.

Update, 5 minutes later: All fixed!

Tuesday, March 14

cya 'z back

Pou se re malaka

Yo man, its been a while...
How is life? How is Nazli? How is you? hahahahah!

write something man, i miss u

Monday, March 13


AAA re lougkres,

Alright already here I am.....Although I am very confused...but hey what the hell!

So what the hell

Hey all from Turkiye!

Burasi turkiye anladiniz mi???

Friday, March 10


Since I've had my kitchen set up, I made creppes (out of 10 or so, I destroyed 7 or 8, and 2 or 3 were actually successful) to break in my stove and cookery, and today I made spaghetti, which were quite allright. Nothing spectacular, but me is pleased. Goodbye fast food, I can finally eat properly. Still not sure if that means I'll gain or lose weight, but I will definitely be happier :)

Oh, and let's all wish a warm welcome to the one and only Dex Norton G!!!! Yaaay.... (this is where y'all observe the APPLAUSE sign and clap your hands off)

John, mate, έλα ρε μικρέ, wake the fuck up!!!!! Τι πρέπει να κάνουμε αν θέλουμε να σε δούμε εδώ;

Jebo te aluminijum.... ima li kupusa?

Thursday, March 9

Blog this out !

me found the link, thats something new

workin' in a coal mine, coal mine, coal mine..

still on dial-up, thats why not goin out on intrnt

Johnny, say something, we miss u, Johnny, we worry, won't u come on home.. (think he doesnt have a clue of "fine young cannibals" ) , anyway, me go back to aluminium....

Pusi ga Nikolo !
F*** u Zourbakis !

Dex Norton G Blog me now and win a free trip to Malta !

Monday, March 6

The kitchen!

At long last, my kitchen is in place. No more mess and improvisations, and I can finaly buy glasses and other kitchen accessories, food, whatever... because now - I have a place to store them.

Saturday, March 4


This has been a strange, yet fun night...

Thursday, March 2

Day 2

Here I am, waiting for the ride home... Have a BF2 match tonight, but it seems that it's gonna flop... only 5 out of 10 of us are going to be there...

Wednesday, March 1

New job

Aaaalrightythen. Back from work at the new office. Seems quite allright, very serious company and all, looking forward to doing some interesting work for a change :) Turns out that some folks I worked with before are working there... small world, I say!

Anyways, I feel like watching a film, so off I go...