Thursday, February 20

Time for an update

The semester has begun, which means I have classes Monday through Thursday. Fortunately, Fridays are off, so I can seek shelter and comfort in the long weekend. Blah. On average, from 18 to 21h, I have to go and sit there and listen to all kinds of business related stuff, which is not that interesting. Well... if that's why I'm here, that's what I'll do.

Otherwise, things are just peechy. Money is... it's... mnggggh I don't wanna think about money now... it brings me down. Weather... that's always safe. Thessaloniki is suffering from a mild case of snowfall... People here are just not used to snow. The pavements aren't ment to be used in wet weather. They are slippery. Extremely. I've managed not to fall until now, and I hope that I won't. But some scenes that you can see on the streets... just outrageous. When I used to live in another area of town, on a hill, every winter day was an opportunity to observe something amazing and unique.

The guys? Excellent... Dejan came a week ago, with a fresh haircut and chocolate (i kutijom onih bananica... jaoooo). In chocolate we trust. It never lets you down.