Tuesday, March 18


Assignments, assignments and more assignments in line. Just handed in the first one yesterday, after being raped by the PC. Cutting the long story short, the temp folder filled up since the CD burning prog didn't erase its files, so there was 0 bytes free on the HD... result? Chaos. Spent about an hour on the phone with Belgrade, until we came to the solution... Printed the bloody thing and raced off to hand it in. Pffff.

Other than that, some interesting things were and are happening on the personal plan, but I guess it doesn't belong here... (T. eat your heart out!!!) Suffice it to say that things are going good ;) which is more than I can say for Johnny... he's confused, as usual. We've watched Ice Age again yesterday, and he still refuses to accept that Sid the sloth was based on him... ;)))

More will be posted later, since further details about the case may hinder the ongoing investigation ;)

Oh, and by the way, I am finally content with the plans for rearranging my room, and will start the works late this week... All hail mighty 3DMax.

As I am reminded by a visitor in the guestbook (bravo T, you are the first :) Dejan has new sneakers. I personally think they are too "space gear"-like, but he enjoys them very much, and that's what's important.....

Added a new link to the links page.... some things about rugby...