Wednesday, April 9


Added some new content!I stumbled upon some photos of my mates, and decided to put them up here... Welcome guys :)

Besides that, there were some job interviews that City organized, and out of those, only KPMG made some sense... But still, I don't expect much out of it... "we will keep in touch"... riiiight.

What else? We have a new nickname for John. Since his full name is John Warwick Zourmpakis, which when translated into serbian, (minus the last name) is Jovan Ratko, or JR. This closes the circle to Mali (little one, kid), which is what he call him around the house. Shit, I just realised that I didn't tell you why we call him Mali! Here goes...

Some time before Dejan and I met John, we were shopping in IKEA. We stumbled upon some nifty cups and bought three each. Since that was the period when we discussed finding a flat together, we joked about having a complete set of six when we move in... Few minutes and jokes (about living together) later, we were in the kids' department of the huge IKEA store in Thessaloniki, and looking at various junk they have there for kids. Someone picked up a toy of some sort and jokingly said "Shall we get this for the kid?" and so on. A while after that, I met John, and since he was also looking for a new flat, we all met and decided to move in together like a nice little family... I doubt that he could have expected that we had a nickname for him even before we met!