Monday, July 28

OK. The first batch of photos is here.

I went to the Preveli beach, which is a 13km ride from where I'm staying, but a good part of it is on a dirt track - this made for a relatively exciting bike ride to the spot. The last part (around 5 minutes) is walking up and down some steps, since there is no road to the beach, which makes it even more of an oasis. There is also a photo of a cave entrance, which is actually a tunnel that leads to an opening in the cliffs above the sea. From the little clearing, the tunnel continues until it reaches a small cave that is open to the sea, but it enters it somewhere between the ground/sea level and the roof, so I couldn't descend in it without any equipment. I'll go there again in some time, hopefully with a better camera...

(Note to self: relink photos)