Saturday, January 3

Well... there we go. New year.

Lots of fuss. As usual. Much ado about nothing. Did I mention I don't like these holidays? Everyone is supposed to be happy because of a date change. Riiight. I want to find a religion which does not celebrate anything in this period. A friend of mine said I should try some African tribe that celebrates only victory... Maybe it's a good idea - lots of nice scenery there, good for riding a bike.

One of the things that happened while I was on Crete last summer is that I got hooked on bikes. I remember when Johnny was showing me some magazines about bikes, and I told him something along the lines of "Johnny I don't care, I am not into bikes." That was before I rode one on a regular basis. Mind you, I still don't know much about the racers and the likes, since I'm not into those crotch rockets. Something like this Africa Twin on the photo would be just fine... (no shit?)

These are two of the bikes I used to ride on Crete. I was fortunate enough to work in a bike rental store called Easy Ride located in Plakias on the south coast of Crete.