Monday, August 30

Here we go again...

I got laid off... My services are no longer required. The vacation season is over, I filled in for people who were away, and now... hasta la vista, baby. Anyways - I was told that there's not enough work, some arrangements didn't work out like they were supposed to, etc, etc... Back to the job hunting stage. All my plans are messed up. I was planning to move into a little flat downtown, but that'll have to wait. I could have spent the summer on Crete, if only I had known.... Eh...

D17 update:
John is occasionaly in Turkey, visiting his new girl, Nasli. When I was working, I used to run into John every now and then online, and he'd be asking "have you updated your site yet?", and I guess that, since I said I'd do it like that afternoon (I'd say that every time), an update was in order :)
Dejan has dissapeared. No replies to e-mails, he's not answering his phone.... I wonder. Last I heard from him was that he was banging this Swedish or Norwegian or whatever girl, and thinkig of eloping with her... Who knows. D, man, if you are reading this, drop a fucking note!!!
As for myself and girls, I had a little adventure which ended as easily as it began... The little tart actually thaught that she could make me jealous by playing hard to get *after* we were already in a relationship... Dumb kid. Right now, I'm seeing this girl I first met 'bout a year a go, and had my eye on since then. Fortunately, she's 2 years older than me, so I don't expect any immature bullshit from her... I'll keep y'all posted.