Tuesday, February 28

What's new?

I don't know where to start, so I'll just pour it down as it comes...

As of tomorrow, I will be working in a new company, Leo Burnett. That came as the result of me being informed that, since my client left for another agency, my services shall no longer be required. Oh well... Luckily, I found the new job really quick.

As I am writing this, a painter is in my kitchen finishing the walls, and carpenters will have the kitchen ready next week, so I will finally be done with that part. Closet in the entryway is in place, so after I pay this bunch off, it's on to the room floor and furniture... It's neverending, dammit!! Bah... one thing that makes it easier to bear is the mental image of the finished works...

What life? I have no life. I do try every now and then, only to come home unnerved. RL sucks. Check this thread at PcGamer forum out.