Monday, November 10


With the layout I got in the picture above, the message is reasonably clear. This is about an organisation which is against smoking, and its branch in Serbia. Cool. Got it.

Now, try to disregard the image, how does this sound to you: "I quit smoking Serbia". Am I someone who used to smoke Serbia, and have now ceased? In that case, what is Serbia? A brand of smokes? Or is this a statement on the quality of air in Serbia, the country in the Balkans? The message is even more ambiguous when you look at the Facebook ad (that won't appear now that I want a screenshot of it.... figures). From what I remember, there they made no distinction between the organization's name and the branch name (letter size/colour). Even funnier.

Anyway, I'm off to the balcony to smoke a Lousy Strike, to which I switched after Camels went bad since they are making them somewhere around here... I guess the case is the same with LS, since they are all f'ed up lately... Blah...

A vi kako 'te?