Wednesday, May 31


A guy approached me today with a story along the lines of 'hey, how does that bike of yours roll?', a situation that happens more or less often. What was unusual, or annoying, was that he started bragging about his scooter that is soooo great that regardless of the fact that it has just a 50cc engine, it can do XXX km/h... Then he proceeded to elaborate on how much aftermarket stuff he put on it, and how much money he paid for it, while stressing that it is much more than I spent on my bike. I suppose he expected me to fall to the floor and bow in admiration????

His first (OK, second) question for me was 'do you do wheelies?'. I responed to his monologue with a blank stare, not knowing what to say. ('Hey, dude, get in touch with the ground', or 'I don't understand Serbian' or 'I don't give a fuck about your inclination to go crazy on your over-tuned moped'). A similar situation occured a few times earlier as well. I don't know if they expect that i start to drool and cum at their stories or what... Perhaps it's me, maybe I don't understand all that... Maybe my street cred will go up if I answer correctly to their questions ('Yes, i can wheelie for 83m and do a 15m stoppie, and all that while I'm smoking a pipe with my right hand')??

Of course I enjoy riding a bike, but this kind of approach seems a bit hot-headed to me...

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