Thursday, June 28


Summer has officially started. Temperatures in Belgrade are around 30°C these days. It is unbearably hot.
It is so hot that it seems my blood is slowing down, bringing me to a state of semi-hibernation. Bah. To top it all of, we have frequent summer showers, which means that if you are out at the wrong time, you'll be soaking wet in a matter of seconds, and just when you find a place to get away, it'll stop, leaving the streets wet and evaporating, and the air humid, heavy and smelly.
Fucking outrageous.
I waited some time for the showers to go away, so I could get my bike washed. The day after I did, they started again. AAAAARRRGHHH!!

Aaanyway.... As of August 4th, D. and me will be in Istanbul, spending a week with John... a long due reunion of uni roommates... Looking forward to it!

Helena and I celebrated our first anniversary by spending a weekend at a nearby lake... It was lovely, and in spite of my lack of preparation (reservations, trip planning and whatnot) went smoothly (understatement of the year). It was f'ing awesome :). Maybe I'll post pics later, can't be arsed right now.

What else....

Don't know....

Guess that's it for now....